GoShelf™ Stone Corner Shelf System

GoShelf™ is a stone corner shelf system created by Ian Stefenack. Ian is the owner of ISC Remodeling here in Philadelphia and he invented this patented system for installing a corner shelf after years of experience working on tile projects. He is often asked to add corner shelves to an existing tiled wall and this gave him the idea for GoShelf. On sale now you get the complete kit to install a shelf yourself including the corner shelf, anchor plates, grout saw, glue, and instructions.

We worked with GoShelf to create an online store for the sale of the GoShelf product. eCommerce projects have their own unique challenges but this one was fairly straightforward. It is a single product with style options of different colors and patterns. Along with the standard online store features, we included testimonials, some about pages, photo galleries, and a homepage featuring a large “Hero” area.

If you are in need of corner shelf in your kitchen or bathroom definitely check out GoShelf. It is great as a DIY project!